Shivering Months

Well, hello again!

I hope wherever you are it’s not as cold as wherever I am. I am struggling to find the willpower to leave the house at the moment. It’s definitely been a two pairs of socks kind of winter. This has been a good recipe for keeping me inside, working on my craft, so I spose I should be grateful! It’s given me the time to work on some new demos, and just this week I wrapped up mixing and mastering a live recording that will be released in spring – more on that coming soon!



2013 got off to a tremendous start with every show to date selling out! For those Haligonians who missed out on last week’s Company House show, I’m pleased to announce that there’s a new show added THIS SATURDAY at 1313. There’s no tickets, so if you want to be sure to get in, get down early! The event is all ages and kicks off at 8pm.

Saturday 9th February
1313 Hollis Street, Halifax
w/Klarka Weinwurm, JJ Purple, Quaker Parents (solo)

facespace event



Coming up on the Academy Awards this year I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Paranorman, where my good friend and PBS collaborator Chris Tootell was a stop-motion animator. A few years back, when working on Coraline, Chris took a little time out and made this stop-motion, time-lapse beauty for the PBS track Flicker – have a look over here:



Team PBS has been beaverly busying away and we’ve been rewarded with a spate of festivals in the spring! There’s an announcement coming up about an Eastern Canada festival in April, and 3 German festivals in May! There’ll be a few European dates in between those German festivals, and that booking is still underway, so if you want a PBS visit to your city, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!

until soon