Orchestral show, Euro Tour, New Release!

Good day to you!

I believe it’s been so long since I’ve been in touch that I have to start by wishing you a happy new year.  It’s set to be a very busy one on our end, and there are lots of big announcements coming down the pipes in the next month.  There are new recordings being mastered as I’m writing this that you’ll all get to hear very soon, and there’s a big European band tour coming up in May and June (dates to be released very soon), but before any of that I get to play a one-off show with a chamber ensemble here in Montreal at Sala Rossa next week!

Chamber Orchestra show at Montreal’s Sala Rossa April 2nd – Tickets

Since the very first PBS show way back in the mists of time I’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful orchestral musicians.  I like to think that my arrangements have improved since my first hand-scrawled attempts with all their unplayable pitches and bars with too many beats.  The last years have seen some really wonderful orchestral shows across Canada.  I wanted to focus in on this process and put together a special ensemble of some of my favourite musicians right here in Montreal and rework Paper Beat Scissors songs especially for them.

For this show I’m over the moon that I’ll be joined by Pemi Paull, actual president (by popular vote AND electoral college) of the Canadian Viola Society, improviser-extraordinaire Louise Campbell on clarinet, Erla Axelsdottir on French horn (who’s played with Björk and Foxtrott among many others) Hilda Cowie of the Ottawa’s NAC orchestra and PBS’s own Devin Wesley who’s coming up from Halifax on the bassoon (that is, she’s coming up to play the bassoon, not coming up to Montreal ON a bassoon).  I’ll also be joined by my friend Camille Delean on the voice pipes.

The show will be opened by Montreal’s dream inducers Ambroise. I saw them perform a house concert last year and was moved in a way I haven’t been by music in such a long time.  A word to the wise that tickets are $5 cheaper if you buy them in advance: tickets here

Paper Beat Scissors (w/chamber ensemble)
@ Sala Rossa
2nd April
doors 8pm

Europe Band Tour in May/June

The band that took on Europe in 2015 (Alex Thibault, Michael Feuerstack, Tessa Kautzman, Gregory Burton) will be joining me as we hit the road again with shows in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the very first Paper Beat Scissors shows in Switzerland in late-May and June.  We’ll be making date announcements in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for info VERY SOON!

New Release coming up in May!!!

Over the last year I’ve been backing-and-forthing up to Ontario to record new songs with Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles.  I got some wonderful collaborators on board to realize the songs, and the incredible Sandro Perri just finished the mixes. Andy Magoffin’s in the process of mastering right now, and I’ll be back to you with news on release dates before you’ll know…