Thank Yous

I always used to look at the ‘thank you’ lists in album sleeve notes and think ‘was that really necessary?’ Having now been through the process myself, I will answer in the affirmative. When you pick up a CD or LP you see the band’s name on the front, and it gives the impression that this piece of work was purely the work of the individuals in that band. The sleevenotes go some way to giving the lie to this with details on the producers, engineers, additional musicians and artists that helped, but the genesis of this album has been so much more than a recording process for me; it’s been a process of making a commitment to music, a commitment to the town I live in, and getting to this place has been the result of the support and inspiration I’ve received from friends, family and people involved in the world of music.

I feel happy that with the release of this album I’m presented with an opportunity to credit those that made it happen in a deeper way, and to say thank you to people who’ve been such an important part of my life. I’ve spoken of and thanked those directly involved in the process of the making of this album elsewhere – this is about those working back-backstage, responsible for this album’s existence, whether they realize it or not.

I’m sure that I’ve missed someone, and my sincerest apologies for that – it has everything to do with my degrading brain, rather than anything else. Thank yous are in no particular order. Except the first one.

The first thank you has to go to Nathan Sutherland for giving so much of your time to keep me in the country – this album just never could have happened if I hadn’t been able to continue my life in Halifax. You gave so much, even when it seemed a losing battle, expecting nothing in return. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

On the other side of that coin – thank you to my family for recognizing the community I’ve found here and supporting me in my decision to stay so far away from home. I have so much more to be thankful for to all of you, but this is about the music. I’ve always been surrounded by it, and was blessed with a childhood environment where I was encouraged and supported in my interests to learn and experiment with it. Thank you for getting me to a place where I have the musical tools and vocabulary to express what I want to.

The Read boys for all those teenage times discovering music (and everything else) together. Hopefully one day one of us will write a book about those times.

Ted Rutland – you’re a one man PBS promotional team, and one of the first people to really push the project, just for the sheer love of it.

Chris Tootell – for making beautiful work and believing in my abilities. You are one of the most talented people I know, and honestly, I probably wouldn’t be making music now if it wasn’t for your bullheaded insistence that I had to.

Jan Minx – you have been a creative force through a good chunk of my recent musical life, and I developed so much as a songwriter thanks to you. I’m very happy that you’re keeping it going as PBS’s German Regional CEO. To Ewan – all the backing and forthing sending songs across the ocean kept up my momentum when there was little to no musical outlet on the cards. I really value your take on the creative life, and your warnings about demoitis remain in my brain. The Sitting Still alumni built the prototype for this project – thank you Ian, Tom, Tom and Andy.

Brett Hornby – I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing these days, but your enthusiasm for music and your sense of fun kept me in saxophone lessons for 8 years, even though I never once took an exam and barely ever practiced between your weekly visits.

To Kyle for trusting and believing in PBS, doing so much to help with the permanent residence process and offering to release the album without even blinking.

Ryan V. for being there from the start of PBS. Your enthusiasm about music in general and this project specifically really put life into it, and I will be forever grateful to you for that. Jessie for your musical class and your willingness to push your boundaries for the music – our time as a 3-piece was special and formative.

Jason, for being there during the birth pangs of the project and giving form to those early sketches of songs.

Tanya – you are an inspiring creative force. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you in so many different capacities. Thank you for letting me into your home.

To everyone who’s played in the live project over the years – Jason Boudreau, Ryan Veltmeyer, Jessie Tesolin, Chance Gillis, Eszter Horvath, Shannon Lynch, Anna Plaskett, Jody Lyne, Hilda Cowie, Pete Conrad, Nathan Ashton, Zac Crouse, Kris Pope, Rich Aucoin, Chuck Blazevic, Don Brownrigg, Tanya Davis, Leif Vollebekk, Amy Lounder, Gianna Lauren, Joseph Crabtree, Daniel Lalonde, Nathan Pilon, Jordi Comstock, Ian Bent, Kinley Dowling, Nick Cobham, Kyle Cunjak, Mike Feuerstack, Gina Burgess, Ryan Brown, Rebecca Zolkower, Gregory Burton

Nate and Dalal – to late night jams, friendship and food.

Philippa and Katie for being my teammates going to those first open mic nights at the One World (RIP) and Gingers (RIP).

Richard Laviolette for opening up a view on a musical world that I hadn’t realized existed up to that point, and being there to help when I was first reaching out into the world of playing shows. And just flat out inspiring me.

Ben and Zoe – for your love, life and energy. Ben, I look forward to more breakfast chats about the whats, whys and hows of creation. Zoe, you bring so much encouragement, unbridled energy and pure creation into my world. Oh, and the dance parties…

Dave Wright – We’ve had so many good times, but your interest in the music helped bring the project out of its shell in its earliest days.

Rob Wotherspoon, Ben Wallis, Christian, Ed, Dog, Bear, Ginge, Lou, Fotheringham, Si Hughes you are geniuses. That’s all.

Rose Cousins, Amelia Curran and Matthew Mckay for all your personal PBS advocacy

Amy Lounder and Francis for being such supportive housemates in my ventures, however messy or loud.

Catherine MacLellan and Dave Scholten for taking a chance on a new musician on the scene and helping me set up the very first PBS show.

To all the radio stations that have really actively supported PBS, particularly UMFM, CKDU, CFXU and CJAM. Gianna Lauren, Adam Fox, Joanna Brown, Joe and Kenna Burima, and Michael Elves have consistently supported this project. Shannon, Allison, Andrew Patterson, Stephanie, Tara and the rest of the folks at the Coast for your local big-ups. Aaron McKenzie-Fraser, Phlis MacGregor, and Scott Munn also.

To Andy and Laurie at the Signal who came looking for PBS before we even had a chance to find you, and have been keeping us on rotation on the national airwaves for years, now.

Java Blend for being my office for the past 4 years – thank you for giving me a local! Daniel Ruiz for your fascinating conversation, musical and philosophical insight, and even your (very) occasional pyromania.

To all the friends, old and new who hosted me on my early travels across the country. You are far too numerous to name (lucky me!), but special mention must go to Sarah Hrdlicka, Linda Liutkus, Lynn Bowerman, Lesley Boileau, David Sheffield, Francois and Katy, Rae Kennedy, Zach Atkinson and Lin and Sonia for repeat visits and Dallas, Ruth and Myriam for those Hamilton drives!

The Burgers/Brunch/Palace nexus.

All the blogs and sites who’ve given us space over the years, particularly the crew at Apartment 613 and Bry and Herohill for being PBS’s most vocal blog supporters. Mitch Fillion and Phil Creamer for your beautiful, beautiful videos.

All the awesome promoters (unfortunately, too few and far between) who took a chance on this project when no-one else would and who have kept supporting since. To Greg, Atli and Reuben at The Breadfactory, for being a true home away from home. To Burritoville for having the distinction of being the most played venue outside of Halifax – you guys are the best! Steph at Raw Sugar, Phil Greer at Vive and Rich Taylor in Sask, Michael and Robbie at the TRANZAC, Lou Molinaro at This Ain’t Hollywood, Zach at the Capital, Heather and Mary-Ann at the Company House/Dead of Winter, Lulu and Kasia at Jazz East, Michael and the team at Streaming in Kelowna, Paul in Sackville, Nathanael LaRochette in Ottawa, Julie at Cafe Aberdeen and finally, the birth place of PBS, the Bus Stop Theatre in all its incarnations.

All the great musicians and bands we’ve shared the stage with, and who have been PBS advocates over the years, particularly:

David Scholten, Catherine MacLellan, Leif Vollebekk, Olympic Symphonium, Acres and Acres, Don Brownrigg, Zac Crouse, Caledonia, Steve Gates, Don Mackay, Josh and Bennet of Zombifyus, Dave Sweatman, Ryan MacGrath, Musk Ox, Share, Snailhouse, Dreamsploitation, Matt Maaskant, Snowblink, Luxury Pond, Reuben Bullock, Stephen Van Kampen, Brooke Manning, the Wilderness of Manitoba, Jon Mckiel, Klarka Weinwurm, Jay Crocker, Aaron Mangle.

Andrea Dorfmann and Mike O’Neill for giving me the opportunity and encouragement to branch out in new directions.

Francois Levesque – your friendship and enthusiasm has spilled over into continuing support.

Geoff Tanner, Scott and Allison, Dallas, Dave Wright, Francois, David Salman – for your investment in this whole project – this album literally would not have been possible without you.

Sam – for always pushing me to create something new, for always pushing the importance of having a sense of excitement in what I’m doing. Thank you.



Solo European Tour 2018

March 12 – Graz, AUT: Scherbe | facebook
March 13 – Vienna, AUT: Clash, Fluchtgasse 9, 1090
March 14 – Prague, CZ: Café Club Míšeňská, Míšeňská 71/3, 118 00 Malá Strana
March 17 – Berlin, DE: Mme Claude, Lübenner Str. 19, 10997
March 18 – Cologne, DE: Melodica Festival, Weltempfänger
March 19 – Wiesbaden, DE: Wakker
March 22 – Paris, FR: Balades Sonores, 1-3 Avenue Trudaine, 75009
March 24 – Brussels, BE: Gallery Super Dakota, Rue Washington 45, 1000
March 26 – Munich, DE: Cucurucu
March 28 – Hamburg, DE: House Show, email for details
March 29 – Hamburg, DE: About Songs | facebook
April 11 – Sheffield, UK: Cafe #9 – tickets
April 12 – Nottingham, UK: Jam Cafe
April 16 – London, UK: Empire Bar, Hackney
April 23 – Munich, DE: Heppel & Ettlich

…more dates to come…