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New Single “Lawless” Out Today!

Your patience is paying off! Today the new single Lawless sees the light of day. At 11am, German time, Rolling Stone Germany will be premiering the beautiful video by Montreal cinematographer and director Derek Branscombe.

Head over here to check out the video.

European Tour Dates

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, let’s just add in that Continue reading

More Orchestras. Plains & Mountains, too

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PBS for Chamber in Saskatchewan

Well, the summer’s here and it’s time to head west again.  A few months ago I was commissioned by MoSo Fest, in conjunction with the Ritornello Festival, to arrange my music for chamber orchestra.  The arrangements, for violin, viola, double bass, French horn, trumpet, bassoon and oboe (and me), are (pretty much!!!) complete, and next Thursday 18th June we’ll be performing them in Saskatoon!

Westerly Tours

The Saskatoon show marks the start of a 2-week Continue reading