My Very Delayed 2018 Favourites!

I knew I was forgetting something! Right after I fired off last month’s missive I realized I completely forgot to put in my best-of 2018 list I’d been planning to share with you. It’s short but sweet, and with some real beauts and you can find it just below, along with news about the upcoming Calgary show this very Friday!


I’ve written about the individual tracks below, but if you just wanna listen, CLICK HERE to get to the Spotify playlist or listen on the player below. As Spotify is pretty brutal for artists when it comes to streaming royalties, I’ve also included Bandcamp links to individual songs where possible (in the text below) to support the artists as well as possible.


JEREMY DUTCHER – Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa – favourite track: Mehcinut – I’m sure that the rest of Canada is already well aware of Jeremy Dutcher, particularly after his Polaris Prize win for this album. For folks reading this elsewhere who are yet to come across his work – Jeremy has done something incredible and incredibly powerful and important. His album is sung in the language of his Wolastoq people from New Brunswick. He reworked and reimagined songs that he found in the national archives originally captured in the early 20th Century. He has a powerhouse voice, and is a beautiful piano player, and I was lucky to hear an early incarnation of this song when we were at a residency together back in 2016 and it just blew my socks off

LA FORCE – La Force – fave track: Lucky One – Ariel Engle’s last project AroarA put out one of my favourite album’s of 2014 “In the Pines” (this album has somehow disappeared from the internet, but if you can get ahold of a physical copy I highly recommend it!). La Force takes off where that album left off with Ariel’s affecting voice, veering from heartbreaking to shitdisturbing, backed up by woozy, powerful arrangements.

MICHAEL FEUERSTACK – Natural Weather – fave track: Love is All Around – for my money this is one of the most beautiful songs that Mike has ever written. I’m honoured to call him a friend and a collaborator, and on a Paper Beat Scissors sidenote – the cover photo for his latest album was taken in Karlsruhe, Germany, right before a PBS show. After the storm clouds cleared a little we saw the most tremendous double rainbow from the dressing room window. (Sidenote to the sidenote: “rainbows” in German is “regenbogen”).

ICHIKO AOBA – マホロボシヤ – fave track: マホロボシヤ – actually from 2016, but the Spotify algorithm delivered it to me this year as an early Christmas present. Everything I can find out about this artist is in Japanese, as are the lyrics. But the impact is so strong. The sparsest Spanish guitar accompaniment under her delicate voice.

JAKE NICOLL – Stone Arch – fave track: Stone Arch – last summer I was on my way to play a late night football game, and was so close to skipping the house show I’d been planning on attending. Good sense got the better of me, and, when Jake played this song, I felt like time just stood still. Such a cliche, I know, but everything else really just disappeared, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck each time he got to the chorus and I just felt like I could live inside the song forever and be completely content.

ADRIANNE LENKER – abysskiss – fave track: From – this album snuck in just under the wire, but is probably my favourite of the year. Simple, but entrancing arrangements that catch you off guard every now and then, and a voice that just hurts to listen to in the best way.

ERIC CHENAUX – Slowly Paradise – fave track: An Abandoned Rose – master of the weirdandbeautiful guitaring, Eric nails it again with stuttery, fuzzed-out, at times fart-like, at times baritone-saxish guitar atop stop-start-stuttering other guitar and a creaky, longing voice. Put it on and float off with the dreaminess.



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Upcoming events

Friday February 22nd – Calgary, AB: Blockheater Festival at the King Eddy, 438 9 Ave SE with six-piece chamber orchestra – tickets

3 New Tracks Online, Montreal, Calgary Shows This Winter


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I’ve been truly overwhelmed by the uptake on the new subscription service that launched last month, so first off – thank you to all of the subscribers! There’s a more in-depth recap of the service below for first-time readers, but the long and the short of it is that monthly subscribers get access to exclusive tracks once per month. There are now 3 up online – an instrumental woodwind piece excerpted from a soundtrack, an offcut from the new album and a live track.

2019 is looking set to be a big one – there’s a new album coming down the pipes (expect some announcements on that VERY soon), shows galore, and I’ve been in the studio collaborating with some incredible artists on their albums and soundtracks – some stuff I’m reeeeeally itching to tell you about but for now, alas, I must keep my big mouth shut. For things that I can tell you about, scroll on down!

Canadian Shows this Month!

Just a couple of shows coming up in the next few weeks – but a real power couple! First off I’ll be playing a special set opening for my old friend Alex Stooshinoff’s album release – his work under Patient Hands is achingly beautiful, and I’m so honoured to share the occasion! Right after that show I’ll be off to Calgary to perform with a chamber ensemble of Calgary-based players, performing works from the live album and a few newly arranged pieces that we’ll be premiering at the show – get your tickets while you can!

February 15 – Montréal, QC, Turbohaus, Patient Hands album release tickets | facebook

February 22 – Calgary, AB, Calgary Folk Blockheater Festival, King Eddy with 6-piece Calgary chamber ensemble – tickets | facebook

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Back in November we launched the Bandcamp subscription service. Through this service you get an exclusive-to-members track every month – a selection of unreleased tracks, sketches for new songs, demos for released tracks, instrumentals, live recordings and more. On top of this you get streaming access to the entire back catalogue and new releases sent direct to your device.

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April 5 – Moncton, NB, Central United Church tickets | facebook
April 6 – Halifax, NS, St. Matthew’s United Church tickets | facebook